RISE's Global Accelerator Program is committed to bringing best-in-class startups from all over the world to Southeast Asia. Startups will work intensively with top corporates in Southeast Asia for 12 weeks.

Global Accelerator Program is an outcome-driven innovation program that focuses on delivering real and tangible business results to the corporates, rather than incubating early-stage startups. As a firm believer of collaboration, not disruption, RISE aims to fuse startup solutions to meet business needs of leading corporates in Southeast Asia.



Executive workshop to identify problem statements

Global Startup Applications

Roadshow in chosen cities



Pilot project scoping

Pilot project implementation

Demo Day




Through the years, our program were backed by leading corporates



“RISE helps us tie-up with Krungsri Bank and Krungsri Finnovate since day 1, not only connecting but also helping to build the real business. The outcome was the business with the bank and also our Series A investment was led by Krungsri Finnovate. If you are interested in connecting with 400+ corporates that RISE is now working closely with, this Global Accelerator Program is a must”

“Thanks for RISE and D-Next Program for our excellent launch in Thailand and beyond! Recently, we’ve have successfully raised our Series B at S$45Million”

“RISE offers us a unique accelerator program that focuses on real practice and growth. The professional nanny who knows their startup kids so well. Many teams put the first step of their stable strong path here. ‘Family’ may be the best word to describe our bonding.”

Jessada Sookdhis, CEO and Co-Founder, Finnomena, Thailand

Poyan Rajamand, CEO of Barghest Building Performance (BBP)

Alumni, Singapore

Rungsun Promprasith, CEO of QueQ

Krungsri RISE Alumni


“We are very glad to be here in Thailand and join the RISE’s program and be a part of the bootcamp. We have been able to come in contact with a lot of large & quality companies here and especially with the partner of us talking about potential cooperation.”

Sotirios Stasinopoulos, Founder and CEO

Lyuzhou Zhuang, CTO and CO-Founder

Paul Oladimeji, Platform Product Manager

RISE.AI Alumni


“I want to thank the RISE team for introducing and brokering the relationship with corporate sponsors and thank the sponsors for giving us a chance to show what big companies can do with the StaffAny application.”

Janson Seah, Co-Founder

RISE.AI Alumni



On behalf of RISE, I am delighted to welcome you to the Global Accelerator Program 2020. We are thrilled to work alongside best-in-class startups like you from around the world. We are here to help you navigate your Southeast Asia expansion journey.


Through the past 4 years, RISE has been working with corporates, startups and governments to run accelerator programs with a bold ambition to create an ecosystem that fosters win-win partnership. I have seen a lot of collaborations coming out of the program and I can still remember what it felt like when we worked hard and we made such a great achievement together.


I would also want to remind you that the synergy between startup and corporate collaborations would not just yield financial benefit for each party. It also had a wider impact on local economic growth as well as improving the standard of living for hundreds millions people across Southeast Asia.


Now, I could not wait for the day we kick-off our 2020 batch. I look forward to meeting you guys in Bangkok soon!


Dr. Kid Parchariyanon

CEO and Co-founder of RISE