For our 2020 program,  we are focusing on 4 major technological tracks:


Artificial Intelligence solutions that enhance the productivity, workforce management, and efficiency for large corporations.

  • Demand projection and inventory management.

  • Customer insights and recommendation engine.

  • RPA and internal process improvement.

  • Data analytics and business intelligence.

  • Advanced robotics, Unmanned Aviation Vehicles (UAV) and IoT sensors.

  • Industrial Automation and Optimization

  • Dashboard for monitoring and controlling

  • Customer Analytic and Personalization


Technologies that help increase productivity and efficiency in every touch point from farm to table. 

  • Food processing method and equipment.

  • Safety, quality control and traceability.

  • Food transportation and logistics efficiency.

  • Food waste management.


Innovations which empower growers and farmers throughout the entire lifecycle of agricultural production.

  • Crops, poultry and livestock management.

  • Seed and crop quality. 

  • Animal feed quality and transportation. 

  • Farm residue treatment.

  • Fertilizer, seed and crop protection.


Biological technology advancements that enhance the quality of the entire food and agriculture value chain.

  • Alternative protein sources. 

  • Nutrient supplementation.

  • Diseases and parasites in poultry and livestock farming.

  • Biocontrol solution.




  • How might we be able to have track each individual at item level on real-time basis and be able to trace back if there is any defect in ‘Shaft Rear Axle’ product from Forging Line and Machinery Line ?

  • How can we leverage AI & ML technology in product design simulation to 
    -Optimize raw materials consumption,
    -Minimize following machining processes without any unacceptable defect
    for brake products (disc brake & drum brake)?


  • How can we minimize energy consumption for furnace while maintaining quality of output?

  • How might we recommend the right content to drive engagement from our content consumer?

  • How can we accelerate content generation process while still maintain the correctness and accuracy for our content creators?


  • How might we be able to gauge the quality of pineapple (in term of Brix unit) with a non-intrusive tool or device that has high accuracy on fruit products before food processing (Post-harvest)?


  • How can we be able to assess the level of nutrient(s) in soil and leaves of pineapple during the first 60 days of plantation, leading to more accuracy in predicting the quality of output in term of sweetness?


  • How might we develop a smart greenhouse with a completed solution ? by consisting of:
    -Soil preparation​
    -Seed selection
    -Irrigation system
    -Fertilizer preparation


  • How might we leverage AI technology and data to improve farming productivities & % yield?
  • How might we minimize human efforts in operations, maintenance and harvesting activities?
  • How might we ensure that no moth contaminates in flour products when delivering to customers?

  • How might we be more efficient in managing food waste from food retail stores, restaurants chain?

  • How might we track quality of food and produce throughout an end-to-end chain, from farm to fork, to ensure consumer safety?

  • What might be the new ‘super snacks’ that are healthy and tasty for new generation consumers?



April 2020

- Virtual Launch Session

- Live Q&A sessions


May 2020

- Application Screening and Interview

- Virtual Pitching to Corporate Partners


July - August 2020

- Finalists Announcement

- Program Kick-off

  : BKK: Market Immersion Trip & sponsor visits

- POC/Pilot Project Activities

  : Projects scoping

  : Consultations and mentoring

  : Project implementation

  : Weekly check-in online

- Program Activities

  :​[Jul] SG Investor Night

  :[Aug] BKK Corporate Network

  :[Aug] MY Corporate Visits


September 14, 2020

- BKK Demo Day

- BKK CIS booth exhibition

*CIS is Corporate Innovation Summit 2020. The booths are complimentary for all selected startups to have the showcase at the 3-day conference after the Demo Day.