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Q1: What is RISE’s Global Accelerator Program?

RISE's Global Accelerator Program is committed to bringing best-in-class startups from all over the world to Southeast Asia. Startups will work intensively with top corporates in Southeast Asia for 12 weeks.

Global Accelerator Program is an outcome-driven innovation program that focuses on delivering real and tangible business results to the corporates, rather than incubating early-stage startups. As a firm believer in collaboration, not disruption, RISE aims to fuse startup solutions to meet business needs of leading corporates in Southeast Asia.

For our 2020 program,  we are focusing on 4 major technological tracks: AI tech, Food tech, Agri tech, and Bio tech.

Q2: How is the Program different from other Accelerator Programs?

  • Real world, Real Problems: We start from gathering corporate pain points, then scout for the startup solutions to cure the pain.

  • B2B focused: RISE has a strong network of corporate partners with more than 200+ leading corporations in Thailand and SEA. If your startup is focusing on the B2B market, our program gives you exposure to corporates within our network.

  • Commercial outcome driven: Instead of classroom sessions, our program was designed with a focus on getting you to work on a real commercial project with our corporate sponsors. This could be in the form of POCs, pilot projects which, if done right, can lead you to secure a commercial deal or investment after the program. There are also cases where some startups and corporates with strong strategic fit proceed straight into structuring commercial agreement such as distributorships or partnerships. In any case, you are likely to secure your next corporate clients or corporate partners.

  • Our program activities were also specifically designed to maximize your exposure among our leading corporate partners, VCs, CVCs, alumni, and ecosystems. This can be your immediate access to Thailand and Southeast Asia.

  • No equity taken: RISE does not take equity from startups at all. Our focus is on getting you to match with one of the corporate partners. Our corporate partners join the program intentionally to look for startups solutions or investment opportunities.

Q3: What startup should apply for the Program?

  • A startup who is looking for corporate clients or business partnerships.

  • A startup that already has business traction / paying customers (seed stage and above)

  • A startup who has  strong motivation to expand in Thailand or to the Southeast Asia market.

Q4: What is the cost of joining the program?

RISE does not charge you any application fee nor any program joining fee. However, startups are required to

pay for your own travel expenses (flights and accommodations). We do provide benefits such as partial travel expenses support, cloud credits and some financial incentives for those of you who meet program milestones.

Q5: How long is the program duration?

Our program starts on June 26th, 2020 - September 17th, 2020. Total is 12 weeks.

Q6: Can a startup work remotely?

You will be working both remotely and onsite with your corporate clients. Our program was designed to have a mix of online and offline activities. 

Q7: What are the Program requirements?

  • Commitment and determination to obtain a POC or commercial agreement with leading corporations in Thailand is required.

  • The startup is willing to travel to Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. There will be one business trip per month over the course of the program. Each will be 2-3 days long. The cost will be partially subsidized.

  • We required that 1-2 members are committed to participate in 80% of the program.

Q8: When is a Demo Day?

September 14, 2020

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